The New Mazda6 is the Perfect Example of Safety and Smart Driving Dynamics

There's a ton to love about the new Mazda6, from its capable driving to its ample amount of space in its smartly laid out cabin. But where the Mazda6 really shines here in Fairfax and anywhere else you take it is with its sense of safety. That's abundantly apparent with the suite of active safety aids, such as standard pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist and others, along with options like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. As for the actual performance, there's something exciting added to the mix.

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The G-Vectoring Control system found in the new Mazda6 is a standard feature that improves your steering response times. That leads to a far smoother sense of control and handling, while also helping you out if you find yourself in a dangerous situation anywhere along the highways and roads of northern Virginia.

The new Mazda6 is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that produces a cool 186 horsepower, with a turbocharged version of that engine offering up to 250 horsepower. A specialized automatic transmission and a special Sport Mode when driving gives you a different sense of performance, turning your Mazda6 from a capable and efficient everyday drive, to a high-end performer.

There's a lot in the details of the new Mazda6, a midsized sedan that's perfect for your travels around northern Virginia and beyond. Visit Brown's Fairfax Mazda today and see what's happening with our midsized sedan.

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