The 2022 model year is bound to be a big one for Mazda. Not only are there upcoming updates with few changes necessary for plenty of the existing new Mazda models that you can always expect to find here at our dealership serving Vienna, Falls Church and Manassas, but you'll also find some newcomers. Mazda is looking to unleash its first-ever electric vehicle (EV) sometime next year, and you can be Brown's Fairfax Mazda is the place to connect with in order to learn more. Get in touch today and we'll help you find a new 2022 Mazda model that's on its way.

The exciting upcoming model that we hope to see sometime next year is the 2022 Mazda MX-30, the brand's first EV. As an electric crossover with a unique driving range and charging options, this will be the way to go for drivers from Manassas or Falls Church who are looking to move on from gas-powered vehicles and find something greener and cleaner. With more public charging stations becoming available around the Vienna area, going to an EV is a smart decision, all while we can expect Mazda to build electric cars better than anyone else.

Of course if you ask us, Mazda makes all kinds of regular, gas-powered cars and SUVs better than the competition. The 2022 model year will continue offering high-end cars and SUVs for your daily commuting, family travels and more. Updates to styling and tech features may be offered, while Mazda's unique, high-end powertrains and platform will bring safe, efficient and fun driving for wherever you're going further down the road.

Keep up with Brown's Fairfax Mazda to learn more about the upcoming 2022 models and come over today to see what we have in stock right now.

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