When you have a vehicle not being used, consider the ease and value you'll find when you sell your car here in Fairfax at our Mazda dealership. Rather than trying to arrange a private sale, with all its added expenses and potential pitfalls, dealing with our Mazda dealership will be streamlined, easy and will result with us making you a fair offer. Even if and when we make an offer on your vehicle, you'll have options to either take or reject it, and you can choose whether to apply that value as a trade-in toward your next ride, or simply take the cash to use however you please. Get in touch with our Fairfax, VA Mazda dealership today and we'll be happy to help you get started.

Without an obligation to buy from us if you're selling your car at our Mazda dealership, you can easily see why this is the way to go. And if you've noticed trends in the auto industry that suggest dealerships are short on both new and used inventories, we're eager to buy any kind of quality vehicle so we can make them available in our pre-owned lineup. With that in mind, you can always expect a fair value back for your older ride, provided it's still of decent quality.

To really get the best value out of your outgoing vehicle is by using it as a trade-in. You need all the help you can get when it comes to buying or leasing any kind of new Mazda or used car, and the difference between that cost and the value of your trade-in won't be taxed, and you'll finance at a lower rate, meaning you'll spend less on interest. Lowering the amount you pay on sales taxes and interest rates are those added costs that tend to build up, so your trade-in is a huge boost in that regard.

Head on over to Brown's Fairfax Mazda today and we'll be delighted to help you sell your car here.

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