Discover the Benefits of Buying and Leasing with Brown's Fairfax Mazda

Helping you get the best deal possible on your chosen model is what we aim to do here at Brown's Fairfax Mazda and, if you're unsure if buying or leasing is the right option for you, then we have the information you need. Whether you're from the Fairfax, Arlington, Vienna, Falls Church, Manassas, Woodbridge, Tysons Corner, the Washington DC area, or anywhere beyond, we want to make sure you're informed and make the best financial decision for your budgeting needs.

The Advantages of Buying Your Vehicle

If you're someone who drives every single day, especially if it's longer distances, then buying your vehicle may be the best decision. A car that has been purchased comes with no mileage restrictions so you can drive as often and as far as you want. And once you've finished making all of your payments, the vehicle is entirely yours to do as you please - whether you want to repaint it, customize it, or hit it with a hammer (though we do not recommend hitting your car with a hammer). Ultimately, if you're happy driving the same car for many years, then purchasing your vehicle is really the best choice.

The Advantages of Leasing Your Vehicle

If you're always on the lookout for the newest technologies and styling every few years, then a lease may better fit your wants and needs. A leased vehicle generally offers more car for less money; instead of paying for the full price of the vehicle, you'll instead pay the difference between the starting price and the projected price of the vehicle after the lease is over. For example, if the vehicle you lease costs $35,000 when it's brand new, and it's expected to be worth $18,500 when the lease is over, you'll only pay $16,500 over the course of the lease.

Your leased vehicle will also enjoy the benefit of being covered under warranty for repairs. While it's still your responsibility to keep it well-maintained and to keep within your pre-determined mileage restrictions, you'll still be able to enjoy all the newest and most cutting-edge technologies. Once the lease is over, you have a number of options: you can purchase it outright to keep it as your own, you can start a lease for a newer vehicle that appeals to you, or you can return the vehicle and walk away without any further responsibility. The choice is yours!

If you have any further questions for us about leasing or buying a vehicle, please call us at (855) 585-7848 or come out to our Fairfax, VA dealership at your earliest convenience and talk with our finance center experts. We hope to see you soon.

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