A Processing Fee of $749 Is Collected On Vehicle Purchases

This fee covers certain consumer services performed by us, which may include:

  • Assistance in applying for any refunds or other customer entitlements.
  • Assisting the customer in notifying his or her auto insurance company of the new purchase; providing the insurance company with vehicle information and any lien information. 
  • Preparation and completion of powers of attorney.
  • Verifying pay-off balance on the vehicle traded by the customer and assuring that the lien payoff is made to the customer's bank.
  • When trade-ins are involved, tracking lost or faulty titles; obtaining out-of-state or bank held titles.
  • Verifying the customer's identity and information to protect against fraudulent or otherwise improper transactions in a customer's name.
  • Providing the customer with a presentation of alternatives available to pay for the vehicle chosen. 
  • Setting up customer information in the store's computer system for customer follow-up to assure a satisfying ownership experience.
  • Maintaining customer records documenting the vehicle's history.
  • Notary fees for out-of-state transactions.